Leaving Mail Call

Typically, when you change your house/residence address, you notify your local post office and they will forward your mail for six months. As a customer of a private mail service such as Mail Call, the procedure is different. No matter how many times you notify the local post office (92106) of your new address, your mail will continue to come to us. The U.S. Postal Service does not provide mail forwarding for patrons of private mail services such as Mail Call.

As soon as possible, notify in writing (we have forms), all of your correspondents of your new address. Pay particular attention to your banks, insurance, the DMV and the Coast Guard if you have a documented vessel.

When you are ready to leave Mail Call, just turn in your keys and we will refund any mail forwarding deposits you have on account. Any prepaid box rental fee is not refundable. We suggest you maintain your box for at least a few months after your departure, particularly if you were a long-time customer of if you receive a lot of mail.

Mail Call can’t forward your mail through the postal system without additional postage. We offer our mail forwarding service to departing customers. Leave us a postage deposit and once a week, or as often as you wish, we will consolidate your mail into a large envelope and forward it to your specified address. For this service, we debit your account for the postage cost and our $5 service charge.